Alexandre Desplat

Concert (2015)

Alexandre Desplat is a French film composer, who has won one Academy Award for his soundtrack to the film Grand Budapest Hotel, and received seven additional academy awards nominations, seven BAFTA nominations (winning two) and six Grammy nominations (winning one). Desplat has worked on a variety of Hollywood films, including Harry Potter, Godzilla, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The twilight Saga : New Moon Fantastic, Girl with a Pearl Earring and more.

This was his first concert at the open-air theatre of Herodium.

Creative Lighting was hired to design the lighting environment that would smoothly embrace and enhance the musical experience, without creating though a visual extravaganza that would inhibit the audience from focusing on the music. Lighting had to offer a distinctive visual element for each film, which would help the audience navigate through the 2-hour musical feast, still without being too obvious. The challenge was great, since elegant atmospheric lighting had to be created, without disturbing the 40 musicians’ score visibility. It has been a great honor lighting Alexandre Desplat.


Lighting Design: Creative Lighting

Venue: Ancient open air theatre of Herodium, Athens, Greece