Christmas Lighting, Kifissia Borough

Event (2016-2017)

Creative Lighting was hired to design the Christmas lighting identity of Kifissia Borough for the Christmas Period 2016-2017. Kifissia is a very large borough expanding over 34 sq.m, counting 70.000 citizens. The Locations that were chosen by the Meir, were quite busy visually, so the lighting idea had to be eye-catching and minimal at the same time, in order to stand out from the rest of the picture. We decided to base our lighting concept around 2 major Christmas symbols, that everyone recognizes: the Christmas decoration ball and the Snowman. Therefore, we designed 1 x 8 meters and 2 x 6 meters custom Christmas trees, that constituted of Christmas balls in different sizes (diameter varying from 30cm to 1,5m), creating an uneven pile of warm fairy-lights.
The asymmetric look of the Christmas trees made them unique and impressive, placing them on the edge between Installation Art and Christmas Decoration.