Hotel Ermou – Anna Vissi

Concerts (2015-2023)

For 8 consecutive years, CL is lighting the Musical Show of Anna Vissi, who has already celebrated 40 years in the Musical Industry.. Hotel Ermou, is a cozy, stylish venue with a capacity of 500 people, that offers a unique close experience with the artist. The lighting of the show had to enhance that feeling, by making sure that everyone feels embraced and no one is excluded. The stage is particularly small, in order not to stand out from the rest of the place. Colorful carpets cover the stage floor, giving a warm look and vintage furniture and couches, cover the stools’ area, making the whole place look like a living-room. A huge chandelier hangs above the stage, acting as a key light for many of the lighting looks.

Anna Vissi’s musical range is very wide, varying from pop-dance hits to ballads and traditional songs of Cyprus, her home country. Lighting a show like that can be mind blowing, since the LD has to float smoothly between many different lighting styles and make them overlap harmoniously, in order to follow and serve the diversity of the songs. CL managed to cross-fade in between lighting styles in an efficient and inspired way, offering an unforgettable lighting experience.