Saske Saskepticism Vol. II Live

Concert, 2023

Photos: Akim Giannis Tsatsoulis

Saske presents live for the first time his second personal album “Saskepticism vol. 2”. With multi-platinum hits such as “Try Him”, “Checks” and the “diamond” “Everywhere”, Saskepticism vol. 2 was immediately loved by Greek hip-hop fans, launching Saske as one of the most recognizable Greek rappers and creators. Known for his particular aesthetic and sharp flows, Saske has been at the vanguard of the Greek rap scene since 2018, where his first major hit “Xero Mana” went double platinum, laying the foundation stone for the creation of a multi-platinum artist with a versatile repertoire that includes everything from street hits to loud club bangers such as “Cyan”, “Xero Mana”, “GOGO”, “NANA”, “Dance With Me”, “Try Him” and the latest super -hit “NASA” co-released with Rack. Born in Chrysoupoli, Kavala, Saske started recording music in 2014, while in 2015 he released his first unofficial project entitled “I Made It: The RMX-Tape”.
He moved to Athens to develop his music career, going through a difficult path that eventually led him to OffBeat Records and his debut official single “Safari” in 2017. What followed is history, with multiple award-winning singles and the platinum album “Saskepticism Vol.1” that followed, placing him on the throne of one of the most recognized Greek artists and singers of his generation.
Creative Lighting provided the lighting design for the Saske Saskepticism VOL. II Live release Athens 2023.