Wedding Reception at Ekali private club 2016


Creative Lighting was hired to light up the wedding reception of a young couple at the Ecali private club. The couple was particularly worried about their guests being able to see and eat properly. They also wanted to highlight the landscape of the venue. That was their main briefing lighting wise.

Lighting had to create two distinctive worlds, the reception – dinner look and after that the colorful and joyful party look. Ecali club is a very beautiful venue, with trees surrounding the main area of the pool. Lighting had to enhance and underline the beautiful surroundings without drawing though too much attention on them. It was a mixture of landscape/architectural lighting and entertainment lighting. It turned out to be a very challenging project. Lighting created a welcoming atmosphere for the guests and transformed the landscape into a vibrant dance venue as soon as the DJ hit the decks.


Lighting Design: Creative Lighting
Venue: Ecali private club