La Strada

Theatre 2019

When a classic work maintains its interest over time, giving rise to experimentation and breaking the boundaries between the arts, the result is a kind of rebirth, as in the case of the film that has inspired Fly Theatre (Katerina Damvoglou & Robin Beer) in their quest to tell a new story in a new language. The starting point for their creative approach is Federico Fellini’s La Strada (1954), an international Oscar-winning success that is among the greatest works of European cinema.  Creative lighting was hired to recreate the atmosphere of Fellini’s movie. The specific project was very challenging as there was a great amount of projection used throughout the performance, making it a top priority balancing the intensity levels of the lights and projector, as well as matching harmoniously the colours, the contrast and the rhythm of all the visual elements.

Director: Fly Theatre (Katerina Damvoglou & Robin Beer)
Set & Costume designer: Ermina Apostolaki
Lighting designer: Creative lighting – Christina Thanasoula
photo credits: Karol Jarek