Marathon Dam

Architectural 2018

The Marathon Dam was constructed in 1931. It is a 54 meters tall, 285 meters long dam that was seen as a major symbol of modernization in Greece. The dam’s location near Marathon signified a connection to Greece’s past with the Athenians’ victory at the Battle of Marathon, while its modern structure, the largest project in the Balkans at the time, signified a connection to the future and victory over nature. A replica of the Athenian Treausury temple at Delphi constructed at the base of the dam further illustrates the connection. The dam’s face and visible structure were also covered in the same pendelikon marmaron that was used to bult the Parthenon.
Up till now the Dam stays in the dark during night hours, unnoticed to cars that drive by.
Creative lighting was hired by EYDAP SA to form a lighting proposal that would make the Dam a visible touristic spot, a local landmark standing out in the nightscape of the region.