Nikos Kypourgos concert ‘Secret Garden’

Concert (2016)

A composer renowned for the diversity of his work, Nikos Kypourgos explores areas ranging from the symphony to folk music and from opera to children’s songs. The combination of his award-winning film music with secret songs from the theatre made for a unique evening for children young and old.
Our main guides along the way: Savina Giannatou and Doros Dimosthenous. Special guests who joined them on stage to honour their friend included Maria Farantouri and Dionysis Savvopoulos, Myrtò Papatanasiu and Tassis Christoyannis, Marina Satti and Zacharias Karounis. Alongside them, Rozi Mastrosavva’s Rosarte Children’s Choir and the Oropos Municipal Band helped make the celebration even more special. The Orchestra of the Cyclades set the tone under the baton of Nikos Kypourgos. Founded on Syros in 2010 by the local musician and composer, the ensemble is renowned for its colourful sound. Combining classical, traditional and electric instruments, the narration of the Secret Garden’s bizarre tales could not be more apt.

Conductor: Nikos Kypoyrgos
Director: Paris Mexis
Lighting Design: Creative Lighting
Photo Credits: Stathis Dimou
Venue: Ancient open air theatre of Herodium, Athens, Greece