‘Ruined’ Theatre play

Theatre (2016)

Creative Lighting was hired to design the lighting for the Greek première of Lynn Nottage’s Pulitzer prize-winning play “Ruined” (2009) directed by the British Dennis Reid. The play unfolds in Congo, a country in the throes of civil war. As part of her research, the playwright travelled to Uganda to talk to women and gather material. The play tells the story of a woman who tries to survive amidst the civil strife by running a bar where the victims of gang rapes work as prostitutes. Using humour and combining the documentary theatre form with live music and original video recordings, the production speaks to everyone who has ever been part of our society for a shorter or longer time without our knowing the terrible things they have experienced. The cast, most of whom are of African and Middle Eastern origin, tell the stories of people fighting to survive in conditions of unprecedented brutality. Lighting was inspired by the different shades of amber and yellow, dominant in Africa. Very low angles of light were used.

Directors: Dennis Hilton Reid – Youla Boudali
Set Design: Aliki Kouvaka
Lighting Design: Creative Lighting
Photo Credits: Kiki Papadopoulou
Venue: Warehouse D, Hellenic Festival