The Fairy Queen

Theatre (2018)

The Fairy Queen has been characterized as a semi-opera or masque, because in effect it is stage music written by England’s most important baroque composer, Henry Purcell (1659-1695) for an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream written by Thomas Betterton, the most important Restoration playwright. Purcell’s work has little in common with Shakespeare’s since no verses from the playwright are there. However, it is an example of the music theater genius of the composer of Dido and Aeneas, and his rich imagination which brings life to allegorical forms and gives shape to the libretto’s loose plot.

Creative Lighting, serving the baroque aesthetics the director wished to magnify, created a sacramental atmosphere with highly saturated colors and very violent contrast. The lighting design still managed to balance harmoniously the passage of the allegorical forms from light to shadow, creating a unique visual experience for the audience.

Conductor: Markellos Chryssicos
Director: Giannis Skourletis / bijoux de kant
Set design-costume: Konstantinos Skourletis
Lighting design: Christina Thanasoula / Creative Lighting