Theatre (2018)

Creative Lighting has an ongoing and long-lasting collaboration with the National Theatre of Greece and the theatre director Thanos Papakonstantinou. This year Mr. Papakonstantinou directed “Electra”, the main summer theatre production of the National Theatre that was first presented at the Ancient Open Air Theatre of Epidaurus in July 2018.

Electra, a late work of Sophocles,  dramatizes one of the bleakest episodes in the Atreidae mythology: the revenge for Agamemnon’s murder. The main character, Electra, constantly relives the murder of her father, imploring the gods to punish his murderers. Her lust for revenge is rekindled by the return of her brother, the exiled Orestes. Their plans of punishment will culminate in matricide. Sophocles’ drama focuses on Electra, eschewing the moral problematics of matricide. Revenge is a conscious choice of the characters rather than a mandate of the gods. 

Direction: Thanos Papakonstantinou
Set and costume design: Niki Psychogiou
Lighting design: Christina Thanasoula / Creative Lighting
Music: Dimitris Skyllas
Choreography: Chara Kotsali
First assistant to the director: Marios Panagiotou
Second assistant to the director: Vasilis Vilaras

Photo Credits: Elina Giounanli