The Sleepers

Theatre (2016)

The country sleeps. The country dreams. Bodies surrender to sleep. Bodies, naked or dressed, alone, in couples or in groups, descend into the sleep that arises from fatigue, delight, depression, rejection, or the culmination of an acute intensity that wishes to build or destroy.
The performance of The Sleepers brings Whitman’s words together with the sounds and images of today’s Greece, inviting us to look at those who are sleeping in their beds in a country in a period of intensity and after the intensity has passed, bending with open eyes over the shut eyes of sleepers.

Creative Lighting created a futuristic “lightscape” with Led tubes, that gradually escalated into total darkness.

Director: Youla Boudali
Music: Devika and Miltiades
Set Design: Constantinos Zamanis
Lighting Design: Creative Lighting
Photo Credits: Karol Jarek
Venue: National Theatre of Greece